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The price of freedom.

Most people will say it's common knowledge that hiring an attorney to represent you can be a costly endeavor which depends upon many factors, including the type of case you may have. It is true that the average cost of dissolution of marriage, which is Florida law's term for divorce, has continually increased. The following chart provides average costs, by circumstance, based on information compiled by survey conducted by legal website Nolo for the year 2019:


With no major contested issues $4,100

Without alimony-related disputes $7,800

Without child-related disputes $10,100

With disputes settled out of court $10,600

With child-related disputes $15,500

With alimony-related disputes $15,900

That goes to trial on at least one issue $20,379

That goes to trial on two or more issues $23,300

We understand that this can make hiring an attorney for this important life event cost prohibitive for the average family.

Every family is different and thus, every case is different. Prescott Legal does our best to find innovative solutions to complex matters and resolve acrimony as peaceably as possible, not only to keep costs down, but to lessen the emotional turmoil which can spring forth in these difficult situations. This is why we call Prescott Legal a "purpose driven practice."

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